When Halloween rolls around, one of the most important tools that children need to have other than their costume is a great Halloween candy bag. This bag has to be large enough to handle the enormous amounts of candy that will be collected throughout the night, and should also be easy to carry and look the part, fitting in to all the scary costumes of the night. There are some people who choose to make a Halloween candy bag out of a pillow case, since they are easy to carry and hold a bunch of candy. There are others who prefer the plastic containers, such as the little pumpkin heads or skull heads that will act as a bucket to hold the candy of the night.

Types of Bags

Parents buy bulk Halloween candy to prepare for all of the trick or treaters that will be coming to their door carrying their Halloween candy bags, expecting great treats. There are some Halloween candy bags that can be decorated at home or made from scratch, rather than be bought at the store. There are paper Halloween candy bags that have designs printed on them but are not colored in. These are fun party supplies that individuals can use for Halloween parties for younger children so that they can decorate the bags before going out trick or treating as a group.

There are other paper Halloween candy bags that have handles at the top of them for easier carrying during trick or treating. Some of these bags are decorated in happy pumpkins; others are decorated with goofy Frankensteins, ghosts and black cats. There are other Halloween candy bags that serve as gift bags for take away gifts from Halloween parties. These bags are smaller and are usually plastic with different designs printed on them to create the Halloween effect. Some of these have pumpkins, bats, cats, and other creatures of the night on them and often come in a pack of twelve for under five dollars.

There are also some handy Halloween candy bags that have a drawstring top and are made of cloth. These bags can be looped over the shoulder or back like a purse or backpack for easy carrying throughout the night, and the top stays closed because of the drawstring to prevent any mishaps. These bags are still very inexpensive, often costing about ten dollars for a set of twelve. These are others that are glow in the darks and cost double that, running about twenty dollars for a set of twelve.