Filling up the Halloween Candy Bowl

Before filling up any large bowl that happens to be in the house with wholesale Halloween candy, it is nice to find a Halloween candy bowl to use each year. Often these bowls can be found after Halloween for a drastically reduced price. Most of the time, a fun, decorative bowl can be found for ten to twenty dollars, depending on how unique the bowl is and what material it is made from. There are Halloween candy bowls that range from goofy to scary, giving individuals the choice of just the right bowl to meet their Halloween decorating needs.


There are some Halloween candy bowls that have figures either holding them or are in the bowl itself so that individuals have to reach past the figure to get the candy. There is a ghost candy bowl that is shaped like a pumpkin on the outside but has a ghost that is popping up out of the middle of the bowl with springy arms that wobble as candy is removed. There is also a bowl that looks like the skirt of a witch and is sitting on the legs of the witch, and the witch’s upper body is sticking out the middle of the bowl.

There are also Halloween candy bowls that light up or create spooky sounds as they are moved. There is a vampire bowl that has a vampire that holds the bowl in his hands and stands about four and a half feet tall. It is lit up so that its face looks green and spooky at night, allowing it to stand at the front door holding the candy while the family goes and trick or treats. There is a goofy M&M candy bowl that has the white hand of an M&M figure sticking up out of the middle of it and the lady M&M sitting on the side of the bowl. The bowl itself is shaped like a base of a pumpkin. When the candy is poured into the bowl, the hand is compressed to the bottom of the bowl so that it isn’t seen. As the bowl is disturbed, the hand moves up out of the candy and spooky music plays.

There are other Halloween candy bowls that are spooky, such as a bowl that is shaped like a skull and the candy sits in it like its brains. There are more simple bowls that are shaped as a happy or scary pumpkin and others that are like ghosts or black cats. One thing to consider when choosing a Halloween candy bowl is how often the individual wants to have to fill up the bowl during the course of the night. If he does not get many trick or treaters in his neighborhood, he can probably have a smaller bowl, but if he gets a lot, he will probably want a larger bowl to avoid having to refill it quite so often.