There are numerous Halloween face makeup ideas that anyone with reasonable skills can try and benefit from. In the case of children there are especially many good ideas that can be used to paint the faces of kids of all ages, and some are equally as interesting when used for making-up an adult’s face. The first idea in regard to Halloween face makeup is painting a pumpkin on each cheek. For this Halloween face makeup idea you will need to make use of black paint that will cover your nose, eyes as well as mouth with edges painted light gray to create an outline.

Orange Colored Pumpkin Face

You can also choose to follow a simple Halloween face makeup tip that invites you to paint the entire face as a pumpkin of orange color that along with black triangles over the eyes and a black colored nose as well as the same colored mouth can prove to be an exciting option.

Another Halloween face makeup idea is to paint the face in the form of a skull. This design can be used for the entire face in which you will be required to create large and black colored panda eyes along with lips painted in black and white stripes that along with a trace of blood trickling from each side of the face can create a very striking countenance. This is a particularly bright Halloween face makeup for a more spooky Halloween party.

In a similar vein, you can use other Halloween face makeup ideas such as painting the face as a vampire which requires using white color for the face with lips painted red and with fangs protruding out of each corner of your lower lips. The eyelids can be colored a shade of gray and the eye brows can be exaggerated with black colored and sweeping strokes.

Finally, you can transform your face into the shape of a bat by using another Halloween face makeup idea. Here again your face will have a white colored base with a bat’s face being painted on your forehead and in black color; the body of the bat can also be painted black and should decorate your nose with the wings extending out from the bat’s head and body and covering your eyes and toward the temple and down again to mid cheek level. The lips can be painted dark gray with a big curl at the corner of each lip.

When applying Halloween makeup it makes sense to choose using a good Halloween makeup kit that often comes with accompanying instructions to help you get the desired effect. These kits can make the daunting endeavor of getting the Halloween makeup right that much easier and so is well worth considering.