List Of Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween party supplies are necessary for a memorable and successful party. There are a number of different kinds of Halloween party supplies. There are several Halloween party supplies that may be necessary for the party. Getting party supplies does not necessarily mean that these are solely for kids. There are party supplies for an adult Halloween party as well.

Plates And Cups

There are a lot of plates and cups that are printed with Halloween icons or scenes that are sure to be appropriate for the party. Halloween party supplies like these are usually sold by groups of 25 pieces. Many of the plates and cups coordinate with each other and can be printed with the same or similar Halloween icons or prints. There are several different kinds of plates available for sale. Some are the traditional paper plates for parties while there are other s that are lined with foil or laminated to last longer and be more durable against liquids or sauces.

Cups Halloween party supplies are usually printed with the same scenes or characters as the plates they are supposed to coordinate with. The same with the plates, party cups may be made differently from other cups. There are Styrofoam cups, soft plastic cups, paper corrugated cups and hard plastic cups. These Halloween party supplies can also come in small medium or large sizes.

Tables And Chairs

It is not only the plates and cups that can be made to be Halloween party supplies. Table cloths and centerpieces can be specifically mad f or Halloween. There are plastic or fabric table cloths that are designed in such a way that they look eerie or spooky. Examples of these are those printed with splattered blood, skulls, pumpkins and black cats. There are also some table cloths that are suitable for a children’s Halloween party. These Halloween party supplies for kids are usually with cartoonish prints and designs to appeal to smaller kids while those for older kids have movie characters.

Other decorations of Halloween party supplies that can be added to the tables are centerpieces as well as table runners that depict gory scenes. Small plastic spiders, flies and mice can also be left on the tables for a Halloween festive touch. Napkins can also be ordered to coordinate with the cups and plates.


Decorations are also included in the list of Halloween party supplies. Decorations can range from balloons, props, cardboard cutouts, hanging bats and hanging spiders. Other decorations can be stuck to the walls of the doors.